Deferred Maintenance decreases your Home's Value and Comfort!

Professionally installed Home Improvements translate into increased property value. 

Affordable payment plans from PACE Providers: 
0 down payment   
First payment is not due till November 2018!
With Pace loans there is no FICO requirement, no Debt to Income ratio or income verification. See  a leading PACE provider's Website for details

Contractors participating in this program have to meet strict guidelines and have a demonstrated record of quality work, good conduct and ethics.

Quality work and Customer Satisfaction is guaranteed since Customer pays 0 down and has the last word on when the job is finished, PACE requires a signed completion certificate from the Customer to release funds to a Contractor.

Keeping the kids safe is one of our highest priorities!

Comfort, Safety and Savings for Peace of Mind...

Cozy and Clean!

New generations benefit from our smart choices.

Healthy and Green!

Reduce pollution while saving money and energy

Strategic finance and energy partnerships

PACE Programs are designed to help you improve Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency makes financial sense because it saves you Money!

Ask our Consultants to show you how your project can save money and energy while improving function and value.

Conventional and PACE Loan Programs are available, from our partners below, to fit each unique situation.

Important Notice: Value Builders does not make loans or assessments and is neither a lender nor a broker. Financing is provided by energy finance PACE participating Lenders in cooperation with local governments, and financing approvals are subject to standard program acceptance and documentation requirements.

Our Finance Partners

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