Solar Panels, Roofing, Weatherproofing  and Remodeling Services in San Diego

Solar Panels and Roofing Installations in San Diego, CA 

Solar System Pricing that cannot be beat, we offer the best solution for your needs and budget. You don't have to settle for less or pay more for solar panels and roofing installations in San Diego, CA, our quality work is guaranteed. Purchase a system or lease, whichever works best for your situation.

With Value Builders, you can even have a choice of panels, battery systems and inverter types at below market prices. 

We offer zero down, no payments until 12-19 available thru PACE finance programs. Savings start immediately upon system activation, and tax incentives still apply.

We install most brands including Sunpower, SolarWorld, Solaria, Canadian Solar, LG, Hyundai, Jinko, Mission, and Panasonic. Custom Solar System engineering for proper installation.

We live in the best area for solar energy here in sunny San Diego. Do you want more details? Check with the San Diego's Utility Company; they agree that it's a good return on investment.

Even the best Do It Yourselfers need help eventually!

We are available to help you plan your project.

Trained experts do your installations. 

No more damaged roofs!

Our Solar Teams are among the Best in the Country!

No matter where or what size your installation, we got you covered. 

From Larger Commercial Projects...

Solar, Reflective Coatings, Windows and General Construction

To Basic Systems

We can do it, give us a call and we do the rest!

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Financing, you may qualify.

We are PACE Certified so, when your project is eligible, we can help you obtain the funds you need with 0 down and 0 payments for up to 2 years!

Restoration and Improvements

Hotels and Commercial Buildings

Residential Solar

Commercial Solar


Title 24 compliant 
and Energy Star Rated
Roofing, Windows and Doors

Peace of Mind 

Cozy Homes

Exterior and Interior Insulation

Commercial PACE Financed Improvements

Heating Ventilation and  Air Conditioning

Exterior Reflective Coatings to Reduce Heat Buildup
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